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Premium membership #1
0.08 $
Posted on 4:11 am 07/23/2022
No special links for premium members?
I buy a membership for what?
Earned Today: $ 0.00950000 x 30 days = $0.285
Membership cost $2.99
this is not good
Last edited by ded130 on 5:10 am 07/23/2022
Re: Premium membership #2
Posted on 5:28 am 07/23/2022
Extra ads for upgraded members are shown when the advertiser chooses to show their ads to upgraded members only.

The main benefits of an upgraded membership come from the following:
1. Increased referral limit.
2. Increased earnings from referrals.
3. Lower referral recycle costs.
4. Increased ZeeGrid chances per day thereby a higher probability of winning on the grid.

However, we are still a work in progress and will look into adding some self-sponsored ads, especially for upgraded members. That being said, in order to keep our business sustainable - extra ads to the point of being profitable from an upgraded membership solely from clicking ads cannot be provided as the same is sure to result in an unsustainable business model.

We encourage you to either refer people using your referral link or buy referrals or do both. All the referrals sold on our system are active members. More about buying referrals can be found here -

Additionally, if you choose to refer members instead of buying referrals, you will also have a chance at winning the referral contest with prizes up to $5.

Re: Premium membership #3
0.08 $
Posted on 1:58 am 07/25/2022
Chances to win in ZeeGrid = 0
Clicks (Today/Total)
50 / 175

Winnings (Today/Total)
$ 0.00000000 / $ 0.00000000
Re: Premium membership #4
Posted on 3:09 am 07/25/2022
ClixGrid is a game of chance. Also, it does not cost anything to play the game and is not mandatory.

You can see on the right hand side of the grid the recent winners and you can even see some people have won multiple times in the same day.

I can see that you have purchased a membership upgrade and seem unsatisfied with it. It appears you upgraded your account expecting free money and guaranteed profits. There are many websites in this industry offering guaranteed profits (sometimes even more than 40%-50% per month) and we all are well aware how they usually turn out and how long they last before the owners run with your money. You can refer people and earn decent profits with your membership upgrade at ZeeClix. You can also buy referrals and make some money.

We plan on staying online. Giving guaranteed profits is a sure fire way of losing money for the website. Admin has already replied to your original query so locking the thread. Feel free to start a new thread if you have any other bug reports.