News And Announcements

Introducing Interest Earner MembershipsDecember 22nd, 2022


After being online and paying for 5 months, we are now introducing Interest Earning memberships.

An interest-earning membership is a membership upgrade where you will get a daily payment to your account balance along with interest. We are aware that the rates of interest being provided by us are lower than our competitors but it is important to mention that we want to maintain a stable business and hence we have decided upon these rates.

The returns in the Big Interest Earner membership are higher than in the Small Interest Earner membership.

The intent behind such a program is to increase cash flow for ZeeClix which can be used to advertise our website and make ZeeClix bigger and at the same time reward our users for supporting us.

Hurry! We don't plan on keeping these available for a long time.

Check it out here!

Referral Prices have been reduced!September 16th, 2022


After some testing and estimates and in order to provide the best value for money, we have reduced the direct referral prices which can be purchased in the store.

The price has been reduced from $0.50 per referral to just $0.40 per referral. Along with this, the cost of recycling a referral has been reduced from $0.70 per recycle to just $0.30 per recycle for standard members, and $0.20 for upgraded members.

These are not rental referrals. These are direct referrals and the price you pay allows you to keep them forever.

Head over to the store and take benefits now!

Happy Earnings,
Team ZeeClix